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Standard Account

In order to setup an account with ARS, you will need to complete a new account application. ARS accepts Check, Visa, Master Card or AMEX for payment of rendered services. Our billing cycle ends on the 25th day of each month at which time we send itemized electronic statements via email (hardcopy statements via USPS are available under special circumstances). For customers with multi-location needs, a list of required branches should be submitted along with a new account application. Invoicing of multi-location clients may be combined into a single statement or separated by location and destination. Access to ARS’s notice management web site, RWS Web, will be granted upon account approval and setup. Customers who would like to request a pre-lien notice or notice to owner at the time of account setup, may complete a notice request form. Completed account applications must be faxed to (877) 853-0067, attention A/R department. Should you have additional questions or concerns please call (800) 783-9636 extension 210.

ARS systems are designed to allow for email or fax correspondence between the customer and ARS for up to three separate destination email addresses or fax numbers. The types of correspondence that should be expected include the following:

Confirmation and Data Received Verification Report: This report serves as proof that ARS successfully received your pre-lien/lien request(s) and should be expected each time you submit document requests to ARS for processing. Clients should take care to ensure that this report is received for all document requests submitted to ARS. In addition, these reports should be reviewed for accuracy and any corrections should be conveyed to ARS as soon as possible.

Client Correspondence: Correspondence documents may include requests for more information, notice of cancellation, and any other miscellaneous information ARS may need to relay back to the client. Direct return information and any additional instruction/requests will appear in the header of each of correspondence document.

Document Copies: An electronic image of the document prepared and processed by ARS for the customer. Electronic copies of documents may be printed on-demand via RWS Web. For your convenience, ARS can also Email document copies directly to up to three recipients daily.

Statements: A list of all prepared documents and service fees rendered to the client. Statements are itemized by document and prepared on the 25th of each month.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our services. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a sales representative, please call (800) 783-9636 x214, or you may submit inquires via our contact form. It is our goal to become a positive extension to your credit department and we look forward to servicing your construction notice needs.

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