Preliminary Notice Overview

Many states require materials suppliers and contractors to file a preliminary notice or notice to owner within a certain timeframe in order to secure mechanics lien rights. The core of ARS’s business revolves around meeting this requirement for our customers. Since time is a large factor in properly securing lien rights, it is important to get preliminary notice requests to ARS as soon as possible. This ensures plenty of time for ARS’s research team to check and update the content of the preliminary notice before it is served. If you are not currently a customer, you may want to check out our GETTING STARTED page for more information on setting up an account with ARS.

Requesting a Preliminary Notice

ARS accepts preliminary notice requests in four different formats. From most simple to most complex they are…

  • Fill-out and fax a COMPLETED preliminary notice request form, for established customers who do not have computer and or web access, or,
  • Submit a web form based preliminary notice via RWS Web. Full web-based preliminary notice management solution including reporting and waiver generation, for established customers (most popular), or,
  • Direct data exchange via CSV or XLS files for large regional or national volume customers who wish ARS to manage and direct all project invoice accumulation and advise on noticing

Regardless of method, a “Confirmation and Data Received Verification Report” should be expected no later than the next business day for all work submitted. If a “Confirmation and Data Received Verification Report” is not received, it is possible that ARS did not receive the client’s fax transmission request. Follow-up for missing confirmation reports is the customer’s sole responsibility.

Customers with questions, corrections, or missing confirmation inquiries may call
(800) 783-9636 or submit an inquiry via our contact form. For customers utilizing our web-based notice management software RWS Web, the “Send Message” utility may be used to relay corrections or changes to ARS. This utility will route the customer’s corrections directly to the assigned verifier and substantially shorten response time.

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