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RWS Manual Entry

Asset Research Services, Inc., has hosted the best web-based solution for filing construction notices online for more than 12 years.

Our 24/7 accessible web form makes it easy to enter, manage, and track notice requests. It includes logging, reporting, and record-keeping capabilities that no other company possesses. Built-in address book capabilities make repetitive manual entry of lenders, owners, and contractors lightning fast, and we can even import an initial customer list to get you started quickly.

RWS Manual Entry is the perfect solution for small companies with occasional noticing needs and lesser technical expertise.

RWS Automated Entry

ARS’s second level of service allows companies who want to eliminate the manual web entry of construction notices to instead extract raw notice requests from their system and have that job data imported into RWS electronically. Exchange files are simple and follow industry-standard CSV-formats. Extract files can be uploaded to our server 24/7 for immediate import and processing, usually within the next business hour.

RWS Automated Entry is a great option for medium-sized companies with moderate noticing needs and technical expertise.

RWS Invoice Accumulation

Asset Research Services at its premier level of service builds on Level II services to allow companies to fully utilize ARS automation resources to do what has historically been in-house work. Through basic unattended electronic data exchange extracts of jobs and invoices from your system, we import your jobs, then accumulate your invoices against those jobs. The result is quick, accurate and total control of all required noticing, based on outstanding job balance thresholds you set.

With ARS mirroring, both job and invoice data in your system RWS Invoice Accumulation becomes the perfect solution for large companies who have potentially large noticing needs and require one-time custom programming.



Once your job (level I & II) and invoice (level III) data is in our system, your employees may use our RWS interface. This allows you to file and track items such as construction notices and file amends and upgrades many times, all with volume capability and accountability. A complete historical imaging system allows immediate access to all mailed PDF document copies along with one-click viewing of USPS tracking info and signature imaging (where applicable). Our mail-ready waiver creation contains customizable options and your own company logo. Managers love our ability to provide differential departmental access, individualized reporting and waiver creation to users by login. We also can add electronic signatures to waivers instead of having to print out forms and sign them.

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